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At Adrobit, we have over 8 years of expertise in Laravel web application development and have build custom applications for various domains from medical to lifestyle to ed-tech to fintech domains.

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and the best framework for developing web applications. It is extremely customizable, very powerful and highly scalable. It has a vibrant community of developers making it easy to find solutions, and exhaustive list of open-source packages. So whether you want to get a fresh new application developed or run a high traffic e-commerce business, the framework can handle it all!

Laravel Experts

Adrobit is a Laravel Development company at it's core and has been building projects with this framework for the past 8 years. So now we have highly skilled team of senior Laravel developers who can develop applications in a fast, scalable and cost-efficient manner. Trust us, whatever your requirements be, we will have a solution.

All our applications follow Laravel best practices. We have worked on applications with varied requirements such as

  • Multi-lingual apps (Multiple language support)
  • Multi-tenant apps (For SaaS based applications)
  • Apps with complex video editing workflows (Including automated transcoding, publishing to CDNs)
  • Scaling the app to millions of users with multi server load-balanced setups and auto-scaling
  • Serverless hosting of the applications
  • Different DBs such as MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Elastic-search
  • SSO implementation
  • Multi subdomain automation with Route53


Hire Experienced Laravel Developers

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Quality is our priority

We use Agile development methodology, industry defined best engineering practices, strict code review processes, latest PHP improvements and best known coding standards to deliver your project in high quality and timely fashion.

Exceptional Communication
We use project management tools like Jira, Asana and Slack for communication so that you will always have a clear and transparent picture of how your project is moving ahead and if there are any delays.
Always on, Zero downtime
We use the most reliable cloud hosting providers such as AWS, Digital Ocean to host your application so that your application doesn't face any downtime.
High Quality, Secure Code

Our developers follow all security best practices as per OWASP top 10

SEO Optimized

Our code meets the latest SEO standards letting your content truly speak for itself!

Crisp, Clean Designs

Our designers will keep your preferences in mind and our developers will ensure pixel perfection of those design implementations

Responsive, Mobile Ready

You don't always have to build a mobile app for your service. We will provide you with mobile ready responsive apps

Built for Speed

Performance is always on our mind. We ensure that your pages load super-fast, use server side rending.

24/7 Monitoring
We use various code monitoring tools that work for us 24/7, so that if anything goes wrong we are top of it even before your customers find out

Transparent Pricing

Various Engagement models | Simple Exit Policy | Upto 40% savings

We offer you with 3 engagement models:

  1. Hourly engagement - In this model, you pay for the developers on the hourly basis. We use time tracking tools such as Clockify with granular details such as what work was exactly being done. Though this model is more expensive than the monthly model, this is perfect if you don't have enough requirements that would require a full-time developer for an entire month.
  2. Monthly engagement - In this model, we give you a fixed price for the developer for the entire month. They will work 5 days a week, 8 hours every day exclusively on your project. You get the best Laravel developers in this model and also a discount over the hourly engagement model.
  3. Fixed cost engagement - In this engagement model, you tell us your requirements and we give you a fixed time and cost estimate. This is good for starting a project where you have a well defined scope of work that needs to be accomplished. This is also known as Time & material model.

Whichever model you choose to engage with us, we will always provide you with the highest quality service at the right price delivered in a timely fashion!

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